LP Gas

  1. What is the first thing I need to do in order to set up a Class I bulk plant?
    Submit a Plot Plan of the area where you wish to build, along with a Fire Safety Analysis, to the Permits and Licenses Unit. These documents have to be reviewed and approved by the Codes Enforcement Section before any further steps are taken.
  2. How do I obtain a final inspection on our dispensing station and how long will it take to get the inspection?
    Notify the Permits and Licenses Unit that you are ready for a final inspection and they will send a Request for Inspection to the Codes Enforcement Section. The inspection is usually completed within 30 days.
  3. To download an application, click on the appropriate profession link below:
    1. LP Gas Class I Dealer [core]
    2. LP Gas Class II Dealer [core]
    3. LP Gas Class III Dealer [core]
    4. LP Gas Class IV Dealer [core]
    5. LP Gas Class V Dealer [core]
      1. LP Gas Dealer Application Class I – V [pdf]
    6. LP Gas Class VI Dealer [core]
    7. LP Gas Renewal Application - Class I - IV [core]
    8. LP Gas Renewal Application - Class V [core]
      1. LP Gas Renewal Application - Class V [pdf]
    9. LP Gas RME Change Form [pdf]