1. What are the fees for explosive licenses/permits?

  • Blaster
    • New Application: $315
    • Renewal: $300
  • Firm
    • New Application: $765
    • Renewal: $750
  • Handler
    • New Application: $115
    • Renewal: $100
  • Limited Blaster
    • New Application: $215
    • Renewal: $200

2. How do I file a blasting notice?

TCA 68-105-103(k)(1)(A)  requires notice be given to the Department of Commerce and Insurance at least 72 hours before blasting operations commence.

Failure to give the required notice shall result in a fine of $100 for the first violation. A second or subsequent violation by the same person shall result in a fine of $500. Failure to complete all information is considered an invalid notice.

Click Here to file a blasting notice online.

3. When are the tests given for blasters and/or limited blasters?

Normally, the tests are given on the second Tuesday of every month. If the test is failed once, it cannot be taken again until after 30 days from the date of the first test. If the test is failed twice, a new application and fee must be submitted before the test can be administered the third time.

4. How can I get my blaster's license if I let it expire? Is there a grace period?

Yes, there is a one year grace period. If a blaster renews before one year of the expiration date, the renewal including the questionnaire form, renewal fee, a late fee of $25.00, and proof of continuing education units must be submitted. If it's after one year of the expiration date, he/she must reapply for registration, send in the applicable fee and take the examination.

5. Is there reciprocity in Tennessee for blasters?

There is no reciprocity with other states for explosive users in Tennessee.

6. Do I need a license to blast on my own property?

Tennessee Annotated Code 68-105-120 states as an exception, that explosives may be used without registration for occasional agricultural blasting. “Agricultural blasting” means stump removal, beaver dam or lodge eradication and other similar types of personal agricultural use.

7. Where do I go to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEU)?

Contact one or all of the following people to find out where and when sessions are being held that will give you the needed CEUs in order to renew your license:

  • Jim Bricker @ (615) 907-2336
  • Coleman England @ (859) 242-2100
  • Eric Grigoryan @ (615) 804-8258
  • Gregory Harris @ (615) 289-5902
  • Bill Loviza, Jr. @ (615) 226-2161
  • Jody Richy @ (615) 268-7671
  • Frank Sames @ (615) 456-2402
  • Larry Schneider @ (859) 312-0625
  • Charles Williamson @ (615) 859-5715, ext. 10

8. How do I contact the ATF about getting an explosives license?

  • Nashville #1 Field Office @ (615) 781-5368
  • Nashville #2 Industry Ops Office @ (615) 781-5563
  • Nashville #3 Field Office @ (615) 781-5364

9. To download an application, click on the appropriate profession link below:

2019 Annual Report on Blasting Fines in Tennessee [pdf]