Tennessee Lifetime Sportsman License

The Lifetime Sportsman License is available to any individual who has resided in Tennessee continuously for the twelve (12) consecutive months immediately preceding the purchase of the Lifetime Sportsman License. Applicants under the age of three (3) years must have at least one parent or designated guardian who was a resident of Tennessee at the time of the child's birth and has continued to reside in Tennessee since birth. The Lifetime Sportsman License entitles the holder to all the hunting and fishing privileges afforded holders of an Annual Sportsman License.

The Lifetime Sportsman License is non-transferable and fees are non-refundable.

This license is good for the life of the holder even if the license holder moves out of state.

In addition to the Lifetime Sportsman License card applicants will receive a certificate suitable for framing, which makes this special license a natural gift for children or grandchildren. Revenue from the sale of the Lifetime Sportsman License will be set aside in a permanent trust fund from which only the interest will be used to finance programs designed to manage wildlife and preserve the heritage of hunting and fishing in Tennessee. The fee for a Lifetime Sportsman License must be paid in full in either cash, check, or credit card.

Lifetime Sportsman License Fees

The cost of this special license is determined by the age of the applicant as follows:

  • Under 3 years of age - $200.00
  • 3 years of age but less than 7 years of age - $659.00
  • 7 years of age but less than 13 years of age - $988.00
  • 13 years of age but less than 51 years of age - $1,976.00
  • 51 years of age but less than 65 years of age - $1,153.00
  • 65 years of age or older - $329.00

How To Apply

Applicants must submit a legible copy of their current Tennessee Driver's License in existence for at least twelve (12) months or other proof of twelve (12) months residency with this application. If the applicant is under the age of sixteen (16) and does not have a Tennessee Driver's License, you must include : (1) Legible photocopy of a parent's or guardian's Tennessee Driver's License in existence for at least twelve (12) months or other proof of twelve (12) month residency and (2) A legible photocopy of the applicant's birth certificate.

Applications for this new license may be obtained by calling the TWRA Nashville Office (615-781-6500), any of the four regional offices, or you can download the application and mail it in or fax it to (615) 837-4262

The Lifetime Sportsman License cannot be purchased at the online license center at this time.

Send questions and requests for more information to lifetime.license@tn.gov.