Hunting Leases on Private Lands

Leases for hunting rights can provide multiple benefits for both the landowner and the hunter or hunter group leasing the land.

Leasing land for hunting can certainly be a more affordable way to secure exclusive hunting access than purchasing land. Many hunters choose this route rather than face the uncertainties involved with hunting public lands or seeking permission on other private lands where the landowner may also allow others to hunt.

From a landowner’s perspective, leasing the hunting rights on your land can provide additional income. Since the leasing party is paying for the hunting rights, they have a vested interest in making sure trespassing and/or vandalism is not incurring from others. Often times, the person or group leasing the land may also be willing to perform land management operations, maintenance of gates and fences, or other actions of value as specified in the contract.

Having a detailed legal contract is in the best interest of both parties. See the following University of Tennessee Extension publications for further information.

The Hunter's Guide to a Successful Hunt Lease