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Gift Shop

Student manuals and study guides for many TFACA classes are now available through our gift shop. Please call 931-294-4305 for more details or to order manuals for your next class.

The following items are available to purchase for a limited time by sending your request for items to TFACA. You must include your name, day time phone, full address, item number, quantity, color and size on each item. Click here to place your order. Once your order is completed and packaged, you will be contacted by phone for payment arrangements.

TFACA Sweatshirt image

TFACA Sweatshirts
with embroidered logo on front left chest area
- 50/50 blend

Item #29 size med to X Large
Item #30 size XX Large
Item #31 size X Large
Price: $11.75 - $12.55 
Available colors: white, red, blue

TFACA t-shirt image

TFACA T-Shirts
with embroidered logo on front left chest area
- 50/50 blend

Item # 50 size med to X Large
Item # 51 sixe XX Large
Price: $14.00 - $16.00
Available colors: burgundy, yellow, pink, blue, red, white

TFACA Water Bottle image

TFACA Water Bottles
with imprinted name

Item # 54
Price: $3.79 
Available colors: red, blue, clear

TFACA Patch image


Item # 39

Lapel Pins

Item #21
Price: $1.50

TFACA Baseball Cap image

TFACA Baseball Caps
with embroidery

Item #42
Price: $10.60

TFACA Miscellaneous Items image

TFACA Miscellaneous Items

Coffee Mugs
Item #3

Item #1

Item #57