Tennessee Consumer Alert: American Car Center Closure FAQs

Wednesday, March 01, 2023 | 02:22pm

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance’s (“TDCI”) Division of Regulatory Boards and the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission are alerting Tennessee consumers that the recent nationwide closure of American Car Center stores may affect Tennessee consumers who have purchased a vehicle from this company. A memo from the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission about this situation can be found here.

TDCI, the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office, and the Tennessee Department of Revenue are sharing information in an effort to help inform consumers. The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can I file a complaint with the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission? Tennessee auto dealers are required to have a surety bond to obtain a license. Complainants may be eligible to make a claim against that bond with the bond company. The bond company investigates each claim on its merit and determines eligibility. The limits of liability of the dealer bond is $50,000. To file a complaint, visit us online here or call.
  • Should I stop making my car payment? It is not advisable to stop making payments on a vehicle you have purchased from a dealership even though that licensee has closed. Consumers should continue to make payments to their creditor in order to avoid negatively impacting their credit rating. Please see the memo from the Commission
  • My temporary tag is about to expire. What should I do? If you are a consumer and in possession of a temporary tag which is about to expire, please contact your local county clerk and have ready your bill of sale showing your purchase from American Car Center or a complaint you have filed with the Motor Vehicle Commission.  You will need this documentation to apply for an additional 30-day temporary operating permit (TOP) through the county clerk. The application for the TOP can be found here.
  • What are my legal options? Affected consumers should also consult a private attorney to determine their rights as a consumer and whether further legal action is necessary in regards to their specific complaint.
  • I have a lease from American Car Center on my vehicle, and my dealer drive out tag is expired. What should I do? Tennessee customers may apply for a temporary operating permit in person through their local county clerk’s office.
  • I still have questions. Who should I contact? If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our office Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. CST, at (615) 741-2711.