Consumer Alert: SFMO Alerts Tennessean Residents About Fire Extinguisher

Monday, October 16, 2023 | 02:32pm
Element Fire Extinguisher

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) is alerting Tennessee residents about alleged illegal activity by the Canadian company Element Advanced Fire Protection.

It is believed that Element Advanced Fire Protection is marketing, selling, and distributing an untested product as a fire extinguisher in the state of Tennessee.

Pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated § 52-32-205(a), “No portable fire extinguisher or fixed fire extinguisher system may be leased, sold or installed in this state unless it carries a label of approval of a testing laboratory approved by the department.”

The Element 510 or E100 portable fire extinguishers sold by Element Advanced Fire Protection does not meet the state standards for sale in Tennessee. According to the Element Website, Element’s product has not been approved by a testing laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Without approval by an approved testing laboratory, the Element products cannot be relied upon as an adequate fire protection in an emergency.

The SFMO advises Tennessee residents to purchase only approved fire extinguishers that have undergone adequate laboratory testing.

Residents who have questions regarding this matter may contact the SFMO via our website or calling (615) 741-2981.