TN Motor Vehicle Commission Suspends License of Covington Auto Dealer

Consumers Should Direct Questions To Motor Vehicle Commission
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 | 12:04pm

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission, which is part of the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance’s (TDCI) Division of Regulatory Boards, has voted unanimously to suspend the used motor vehicle dealer license of McDivitt Motors, LLC (1723 U.S. 51 South, Covington, Tenn).

The Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission took this action after receiving numerous complaints related to dealership owner Marty McDivitt and McDivitt Motors, LLC related to the unlicensed sales of new cars and the failure to pay off liens on vehicles purchased or traded by McDivitt, among other complaints.

The suspension of the license prevents McDivitt Motors from selling any vehicles in Tennessee in any capacity – including at an auto auction – without approval by the Commission.

“The Commission took swift action in order to send a strong message that we will protect consumers from any unlicensed activity by McDivitt Motors,” said Paula J. Shaw, commission executive director.

The Motor Vehicle Commission, which oversees the regulation and licensure of Tennessee motor vehicle dealers and salespersons, is coordinating its efforts with state law enforcement agencies. 

TDCI offers the following information for consumers:

  • Consumers who have been affected by McDivitt Motors are urged to contact the Tennessee Motor Vehicle Commission at (615) 741-2711 about their complaint or file a complaint online.
  • Tennessee auto dealers are required to have a surety bond to obtain a license. Complainants may be eligible make a claim against that bond with the bond company. The bond company investigates each claim on its merit and determines eligibility.
  • If you are a consumer and in possession of a temporary tag which is about to expire, please contact your local county clerk and have ready your bill of sale showing your purchase from McDivitt Motors along with a copy of the complaint you have filed with the Motor Vehicle Commission  or report that you filed with law enforcement. 
  • Affected consumers should also consult a private attorney to determine their rights as a consumer and whether further legal action is necessary in regards to their specific complaint.

Some consumers MAY qualify to post a bond with the Tennessee Department of Revenue, Vehicle Services Division to obtain title and/or registration. Eligibility is dependent on the specifics of each individual situation. Learn more information by calling  (615) 741-3101 or using this Surety Bond Application.