SFMO Supports Firehouse Expo 2016 in Nashville

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 | 11:13am

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) is proud to support Firehouse Expo 2016 October 18-22, 2016 in Nashville. The event is expected to bring more than 10,000 firefighters and fire service professionals to Nashville where they will hone their skills through valuable hands-on training, classes, and demonstrations.

Regarded as the largest fire service event on the East Coast, Firehouse Expo brings together experts from across the country and allows conference attendees to find training sessions and seminars as well as the latest firefighting resources and equipment.

“A firefighter’s training can make all the difference in life-or-death situations,” said Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance Deputy Commissioner Gary West. “Firehouse Expo gives fire service professionals at all stages of their career something new to learn and experience that they can use to help their communities back home.”

As part of the event, the State Fire Marshal’s Office will provide a portable training tower from the Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Academy to be used during a simulated building fire scheduled for Oct. 19 at 128 Eighth Ave. South in Nashville. Additionally, SFMO staff will provide educational materials and resources on the exhibit floor.   

Visit Firehouse Expo 2016’s website for more details about the event.