Electrical Voltage Monitors Will Be Installed On Cherokee Reservoir

Wednesday, August 05, 2015 | 10:40am

NASHVILLE – Voltage monitors will be installed on Cherokee Reservoir to collect data during the next two weeks that investigators hope reveal more details about the possible cause of low-voltage electricity discovered in the lake.

In July, a team comprised of the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office, Tennessee Valley Authority and Appalachian Electric Cooperative began examining this issue shortly after homeowners first made complaints about a mild electrical current in the lake. The electric current is a low voltage that does not pose a life safety hazard.

Engineers hope data gathered during the next two weeks by the monitors will help them diagnose the source of the electrical current and correct the problem.  

The monitors will be installed at two sites: A location on Pointe Drive in Talbott, Tenn. and at a location in Lakewood Drive in Jefferson City, Tenn.

The monitor installations will be made Friday, Aug. 7, weather permitting.