LE Physical Fitness Instructor


November 13-16, 2023

Start/End Time(s) Day One Report at 0800hrs
Location TLETA
3025 Lebanon Pike
Nashville, TN 37214 
Instructor(s) Scott Wilder

This course is designed to create fitness instructors for law enforcement agencies through in-depth instruction and practical exercises. The course stresses proper exercise technique, proper diet, and nutrition, legal aspects of an agency program, basic anatomy and physiology, program creation, and implementation across a wide range of backgrounds, ages, and body types. It will also cover recruit preparation and veteran officer programs. Practical exercises will have students demonstrate proper techniques of various exercises, be able to conduct a skin fold test to determine body mass index, collect and read blood pressure, perform basic first aid, design and lead an exercise session with various sized groups of different fitness levels.


$220 - Local Agencies
$260 - State Agencies
$520 - Private & Out-of-State Agencies

Length 40 hours
Prerequisites Participants will be required to pass an initial PT Test, Day One (Monday), consisting of 1.5 mile run, number of push-ups in a minute, number of sit-ups in a minute, 300m sprint, and min. of 3 pull-ups. 

Participants shall bring the following:

Quality running/athletic shoes, workout clothing i.e., shorts, shirts, socks, etc., water bottle(s), note taking material, (pens/pencils and/or computer), shower items if student elects to shower at TLETA. Please make workout clothes subdued/darker colors of appropriate fit and length (preferred no bright or neon).

All students are required to wear pants to eat in the dining facility-sweat pants or equivalent are acceptable

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Other Notes · Class physical/facility requirements: classroom, gym, weight rooms, and track/greenway for half days.
· This is a physically demanding class; all students should be in good health and capable of sustained physical exertion without interruption. (Pre-class physical by a licensed physician is encouraged)
· Class format will be half day classroom/ half day practical learning.
· Students are required to take and pass a pre-screen fitness test (50% level or higher) on day one to remain in the class.
· Fitness standards for above are posted on this site.
· Standards are derived from the Cooper Standard for Law Enforcement Physical Assessment (click here to view the Cooper Standard).
· Students are required to pass a written exam at the 75% level or higher to graduate.
· Students will be allowed to use shower facilities if desired.
· Students are permitted to wear fitness clothing during classroom portion; however, students MUST wear pants in the dining facility (sweatpants or fitness pants suffice)
· Fitness clothing must be appropriate for a co-ed training environment and NOT overly tight, overly short, or revealing.
· Fitness Watches/Trackers are allowed.
· Change of clothes each day is highly encouraged.
· Maximum number of students is 15