Eligible Training Provider List

We play a huge role in funding training. Not just any training; rather, we focus the money on programs that lead to the student’s employment. We have hand-selected educational institutions and specific classes that teach the skills to be successful in the Tennessee workforce.

All of the institutions' and programs' eligibility are made on an annual basis based on each institution's performance data.

Receive financial assistance for training

Learn more on how to apply or visit a Tennessee American Job Center near you to get started. Awarded funds must be used towards a training provider and program that appears on Tennessee’s Eligible Training Provider List.

Apply for Placement on the ETPL

Tennessee schools can apply to be listed as one of our training providers by completing an application online. Institutions, whether in-state or out-of-state, are required to have the authorization to operate within the State of Tennessee by a state authorizing or governing body prior to an application submission. Documentation of this required oversight is to be submitted to your Local Workforce Development Area (LWDA) after submitting your application. Please see New Training Provider Application Guide for the contact information for your LWDA.

Apply to be a New ETPL Provider

For Current Providers

Provider Help Guide  |  Provider Account Log In: www.Jobs4TN.gov  |  Search the ETPL

Performance and Reporting Requirements

All of the institutions that appear on the statewide ETPL supply performance information quarterly that are then used to compile the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Annual Subsequent Eligibility Report. Any program that fails to meet the state determined performance minimums, as far as completion and placements rates, is subsequently removed from the statewide ETPL.

All of the institutions and programs that comprise the statewide ETPL have been approved by a Local Workforce Investment Board (LWIB) in Tennessee. Each of Tennessee’s 13 LWIBs make initial eligibility decisions regarding what programs to add to the ETPL. After the LWDA makes the initial eligibility decision, subsequent eligibility decisions are made on an annual basis by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development based on each institutions all performance data.

File A Complaint

We want this program to be the best it can be. So we need your help to keep it straight! If you have any concerns or issues with either of the following, let your voice be heard. Thank you!

  • Administrative Entity

    File a complaint against a WIOA Administrative entity.

  • Institution

    Students can fill out this form to submit a complaint against an institution that appears on the Statewide Eligible Training Providers List (ETPL).