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Auction Bidding Instructions

Bring your fully charged phone or tablet to the event!


To place bids on auction items or to make a donation, text kidschance to 52182 or find a Gesture Pro member to assist you. Gesture staff members will be present at the event to be your “personal shopper” if you do not prefer to bid via your cell phone/ tablet.

Bid via Smartphone

Click the BLUE link in your welcome text message and it will take you to your personal bidding page. Click on an item you would like to bid on. The Gesture smart system prepopulates with the next minimum bid so all you have to do is push BID. If you’d like to go higher just enter a new amount and push BID. To have the Gesture smart system automatically bid for you to a designated amount, please select AUTO and enter a higher amount. The system will bid for you incrementally up until your designated amount only if someone bids against you.

Bid via Text

To see current bid, reply to your welcome text and simply text the 3-digit item number.

Example: “102”, then hit send. Then, text the 3-digit item number and amount you would like to bid. No dollar signs ($) needed. Example: “102 300”, then hit send. You placed a $300 bid on item number 102.