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Tennesseans 16+: Now Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine

Ronald McNutt

Staff Attorney, Subsequent Injury and Vocational Rehabilitation Fund
Ronald McNutt

Ronald McNutt has been an attorney for the State of Tennessee for twenty years, and has been an attorney in Nashville for thirty-five years. He served as a judicial clerk to Judge Harry Phillips from 1984 to 1984, and to Judge Thomas A. Wiseman, Jr. from 1983 to 1984.  He has practiced civil rights litigation in state and federal court and he was a law partner with Avon Williams, Jr., Richard Dinkins and Russell Perkins at the law firm of Williams and Dinkins.  Most of his work with the state has been in the field of workers’ compensation law.  He has been an attorney for the Subsequent Injury and Vocational Recovery Fund for several years, in addition to working as a hearing officer for over three years, and as an assistant attorney general for three years.

A Century of Progress and Perspective

Thursday, June 13th
Oakleigh C @ 1:30 PM