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The mission of AmeriCorps is to strengthen communities by bringing together individuals from a variety of backgrounds in the common effort to improve America.

The full and proactive inclusion of individuals with disabilities in AmeriCorps programs is therefore a key component of the goals of AmeriCorps.

AmeriCorps is an ideal means for Americans with disabilities to contribute in an environment that embraces diversity and recognizes the value of each individual. Membership in AmeriCorps enables individuals with disabilities to gain valuable experience and skills. Membership in AmeriCorps likewise allows areas served to benefit from the skills and experiences of persons with disabilities.  Potential members may submit requests for accommodation in order to apply or serve in AmeriCorps.

How Can I Become An AmeriCorps Member?

Individuals who wish to become AmeriCorps members can apply directly to an AmeriCorps program in their community. Qualifications vary with respect to the objectives of each program. Applicants must be at least 17 years of age and have a high school diploma or be working toward their GED. Persons who may not be able to attain a diploma or GED due to a disability may have this requirement waived. Click here to view programs.

Members Receive Benefits For Service

AmeriCorps members receive benefits in exchange for a term (10-12 months) of full-time service (1700 hours). During a term of service members receive a living allowance and at the completion of 1700 hours, an educational award that can be applied toward future educational training or to repay student loans. Health insurance and limited child care are also available to members.

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