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TDVS COVID19 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the VA going to stop making payments to Veterans?

A. Veterans still get paid per normal payment schedules.

Q. Should I come in for my upcoming Veterans Services Office appointment?

A. Call before coming in for either a scheduled office appointment or walk-in visit at any of our veteran service offices. Depending upon your needs, we may be able to save you an in-person trip and handle requests by phone and/or electronically. Alternative drop-off points for documentation may be designated if required. You can find TDVS contact information HERE.

Q. I tried to call my county veterans service office, and I can’t get through?

A. Call our customer service representative at 615-741-2345 or submit an inquiry through and we will assist you.

Q. Why is TDVS not advertising ceremonies for unclaimed Vets?

A. We have adjusted our current notification practices for unclaimed burials to reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 through gatherings among our most vulnerable veterans. Our Cemetery Directors always ensure that the unclaimed Veterans receive proper respect and final words by staff in the course of interment. The Directors will send our communications team photographs of the flagged caskets within our reception areas as well as name and any known information of the veterans so that we can honor them through an announcement on social media – post internment.

Q. What if I have an appeal hearing scheduled during the COVID-19 shut down?

A. The Board of Veterans Appeals understands that veterans have been waiting for these hearings and they don’t want to delay them any longer than necessary. The Board will work with Veterans and VSOs and representatives to continue video hearings and provide virtual hearings where possible.
TDVS has the ability to reschedule a postponed hearing to a virtual hearing. TDVS has been proactively calling all Veterans scheduled for travel or video teleconference asking them if they would like to change. If you have questions regarding a previously scheduled hearing, please contact our department inquiry line at 615-741-2345 so we can assist you.

Q. Is the shutdown slowing claims processing with the VA?

A. Veterans can check the status of claims by calling the VA @ 800-827-1000 or by accessing and creating an account.

Q. How do I know if my VA health facility is still open for regular appointments?

A. Because this is a rapidly changing situation, the best way to get the most up-to-date facility information is to check your local VA health facility’s website. Find a VA location

Q. I have a compensation and pension (C&P) exam coming up, have those all been canceled?

A. VA has provided guidance related to C&P examinations. First, as an alternative to in-person examination, VA is focusing on identifying claims where the record contains sufficient medical evidence to render a decision or use the Acceptable Clinical Evidence (ACE) process. The guidance also outlines the process C&P contract examiners should use if a veteran is unable to attend or requests to reschedule an examination.

Q. Can we visit someone at the Tennessee State Veterans Homes (TSVH)?

A. TSVH facilities in Murfreesboro, Knoxville, Clarksville, and Humboldt will restrict access to all visitors, vendors, and volunteers until further notice. These precautionary measures aim to minimize the risk of exposure to residents, families, and staff. 

Q. Are the Tennessee State Veterans Cemeteries still open?

A. Currently all Tennessee State Cemeteries are open during normal operating hours for gravesite visitors.

Q. Since the VA has stopped access to the Nashville VA Medical Center and the Memphis VA Medical Center are your staff still working at those locations?

A. Due to procedural changes for our offices within the VA Medical Centers please call 615-741-2345 to be connected to a member of our staff.