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Stones River Greenway

Site Directions: Accessible at many trailheads in Murfreesboro. See link before for trailhead information with direction.

General Bragg Trailhead-  Lat: 35.870099°N Long: -86.420286°W

Broad Street Trailhead-  Lat: 35.875107°N Long: -86.423022 °W

Hours: daylight hours

Seasonality: year round, occasionally closed due to flooding of the Stones River

Fees: none

Site Description: The paved greenway is over 12 miles long with several spur trails.  One large bridge over the Stones River is present with multiple fishing access areas.

The trail connects to the Stones River National Battlefield and other parks and places of interest in the area. One can spend an entire day exploring the greenway and the adjacent National Battlefield.

Wildlife to Watch: Birds are the main attraction to the greenway. In spring and summer, Great Blue Herons and Yellow-crowned Night Herons may be seen.

Eastern Kingbirds, Eastern Bluebirds, Song Sparrows (uncommon nesting bird in middle Tennessee), and Belted Kingfisher are present.

In spring migration, a variety of birds may been seen or heard along the river, including Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Red-eyed Vireo, and Summer Tanager.

Explore all areas of the greenway as varying forest types and quality exist, which provides for different types of birds. The area on the northern end of the trail was damaged by a tornado in 2009, resulting in shrubby thickets that are pretty birdy.

NOTE:  Some areas are used for recreational purposes.  Please use these links before visiting the location.

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