Fish Habitat Day Held at Herb Parsons Lake

Friday, February 24, 2023 | 12:18pm

FAYETTE COUNTY, Tenn. --- The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency recently hosted a habitat day at Herb Parsons Lake. TWRA placed new shallow water structures in the lake to improve habitat conditions.

Herb Parsons Lake is almost 70 years old and has limited fish habitat. The West Tennessee staff placed more than 110 shallow water structures at five locations in the lake to improve habitat conditions and concentrate fish and anglers in the same areas. The habitat areas measured at least 60-by-60 square feet and were placed in several strategic locations in the lake. The habitat areas will be marked with fish attractor buoys, and maps will be developed for angler use. This habitat work is only a part of the improvements to be made at Herb Parsons Lake over the next few years. 

In addition, TWRA improved the boat ramp at Herb Parsons, expanding the ramp from a two-lane to a six-lane ramp. Crews are working to install a courtesy pier allowing anglers to load and unload boats easily. However, due to low water levels, the boat ramp remains closed. The ramp will re-open once boats can safely launch and access the lake from the ramp.