TWRA Launches New Weekly Television Program

Thursday, January 30, 2020 | 01:47pm
Tennessee Outdoor Journal

NASHVILLE --- Building on its award-winning television show history, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency announces the launch of a new series, Tennessee Outdoor Journal.

The weekly program will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the work being done to manage the wildlife, public lands, and waterways in the state. Each episode will showcase the people and personalities responsible for Tennessee’s wildlife, fisheries, and boating safety.

Production for the 30-minute program is now underway and available to cable systems and local access channels. It can also be viewed on TWRA social media sites.

“This series will focus on the professionals who do the interesting day-to-day fieldwork for our agency that many times get overlooked,” said Don King, Multi-Media chief and long-time voice for the TWRA.  “It will also feature inspiring stories of hunters, anglers and wildlife watchers who reap the benefits of this work being done to conserve, preserve and enhance our wildlife and fish populations.”

Those persons who have an interest in broadcasting the Tennessee Outdoor Journal in their area can contact Don King at (615) 253-4033 or

Tennessee Outdoor Journal is a new chapter in the TWRA’s television program history of 18 years. The program follows Tennessee’s Wildside and Tennessee Uncharted which garnered several regional and national awards during their production.