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Jenifer Wisniewski Named TWRA Chief, Communications and Outreach

Friday, November 09, 2018 | 10:37am

NASHVILLE --- Jenifer Wisniewski has been named Chief, Communications and Outreach for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. She comes to the TWRA after serving as the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division.

In her new position, Wisniewski will be leading a new division which comes after a reorganization of the Information and Education Division. Among her duties, she will be responsible for all of TWRA’s marketing efforts, social media, and R3 (recruitment, retention, reactivation) efforts. She will also oversee the agency’s magazine, all other publications, and supervise the staff of four regional information and education coordinators.

“I look forward to hitting the ground running and serving Tennessee hunters, anglers, boaters and all those who love wildlife and the great outdoors,” Wisniewski said. “I am excited about the opportunity and the future of TWRA.”

Her role will be similar to the one she had for the Georgia DNR over the past five years. She helped develop and implement marketing strategies that helped Georgia become one of the few states see an increase in hunting and fishing license sales, an accomplishment that occurred every year since 2013. Tennessee has followed a trend of many states across the country where license sales have declined.

“I am very pleased that Jenifer will be joining the TWRA,” said Executive Director Ed Carter. “I have seen the great work she has been doing for the state of Georgia and several national organizations. One of the most important tasks we provide is to talk with our current hunters, anglers, and boaters and to recruit new ones who are yet to know the thrill of the outdoors. Jennifer and Don King will work together to make sure we do just that through all the electronic and hands-on methods available.”

Wisniewski is widely known across the country for her efforts. She is involved in several organizations, including the Association Conservation Information (ACI), where she currently serves as president. She wants to bring her focus on the importance of the national marketing effort of R3 to her position in Tennessee. It includes recruiting more hunters, fishermen, and boaters, keep them involved, and stress the importance of continuing to buy hunting and fishing licenses.

Prior to her position in Georgia, Wisniewski served as project coordinator at Miles College in suburban Birmingham. She has also worked in retail management in the past. She holds a degree in marketing from the University of Alabama.

She has been an avid hunter and angler throughout her life. She especially enjoys deer hunting.

Don King, who has served as Information and Education chief, will now be the Multimedia Division chief. The division will include live streaming, video production, distribution, and other related efforts.