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  • Muskrats can have up to three litters per year.
  • Average litter size 3-6 kits.
  • Dens in banks and earthen dams.
  • Muskrats inhabit creeks, rivers, lakes, drainage ditches,
  • and marshes.
  • Muskrats are victims of many predators including hawks, owls, raccoons, foxes, minks, water snakes, and large turtles.

Physical Characteristics

  • Large brownish, semi-aquatic gnawing mammal.
  • Stocky with broad head, small ears and small eyes.
  • Legs are short and tail is scaly.
  • Hind feet are webbed.

Eating Habits

Muskrats principally feed upon vegetation, cattails are preferred vegetation. During freezing weather muskrats will eat almost anything, including dead fish, frogs, wood and may even become cannibalistic.