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Audit Information

A brief statement on the recent state audit of TRICOR

TRICOR came under scrutiny after a state performance audit noted that TRICOR had operated the foodservice program for our partner, Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC), without a contract. TRICOR has contracts with all of our customers and we were working on one with TDOC; however, we never came to an agreement on the pricing and, as a result, we lost money on the program in fiscal year 2015. The funds were spent on purchasing food for TDOC, and we covered that loss using our reserve funds.

It is important to note thatthe State of Tennessee Comptroller stated that there was no fraud, waste or abuse performed by TRICOR. The audit also identified procedural issues that have been addressed with the help and oversight of Finance and Administration. TRICOR acknowledges that mistakes were made but does not believe those mistakes, which have already been resolved, should threaten our mission. That is why we are asking for your help.


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