Federal Funding Support for ECD Initiatives

TNECD administers community grants from three federal funding partners. Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) grants are available to the 52 counties in middle and east Tennessee for economic and community development projects. Delta Regional Authority (DRA) grants are available to the 21 counties of West Tennessee for projects targeting workforce competitiveness, strengthened infrastructure and increased community capacity. Through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) small cities* program, funds are available to assist communities across the state with infrastructure, housing rehabilitation, health and safety, and other projects aimed at improving community livability. Tennessee has also received CDBG funds for disaster recovery due to flood and tornado disasters impacting Tennessee. The dashboard below illustrates ARC, DRA and CDBG grants administered through TNECD.

This dashboard illustrates the location and value of federal program grants administered by TNECD which support other departmental initiatives. Please note, some grants reflected on this dashboard serve multiple counties and are not displayed on the map.

Key Performance Indicator: Federal grants awarded through TNECD will support at least 5 other TNECD initiatives.