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High Quality Job Commitments

TNECD's vision is to be the No. 1 State in the Southeast for high quality jobs. High quality job creation leads to rising incomes for Tennesseans and increased job opportunities for the unemployed. As Tennessee pursues the Governor's mission to ensure 55 percent of Tennessee adults are equipped with a post-secondary credential by 2025, TNECD strives to ensure high quality jobs are available for Tennesseans to pursue.

The dashboard below shows high quality job commitments from TNECD projects by year, region, county, and industry cluster. Jobs commitments with average wages greater than the county median wage are considered to be high quality jobs.

Long-Term Objective: 60 percent of TNECD’s new job commitments will be high quality jobs by 2025. TNECD considers jobs with wages that are above the county median wage to be high quality. Because wages vary across Tennessee communities, TNECD’s definition of high quality jobs is relative to the community in which the job creation will take place.

Key Performance Indicator: During 2019, 60 percent of the department’s new job
commitments will offer wages above the  county median wage.