Job Fulfillment


TNECD supports businesses in their expansion and relocation activities. New job commitments are the number of net new jobs companies commit to create. The job fulfillment rate equals the percentage of new job commitments that have been created, or job creation as a percent of new job commitments. In this dashboard, the Center for Economic Research in Tennessee (CERT) has evaluated the job fulfillment rate of companies pledging to create 50 or more new jobs.

The projects are grouped by commitment year. Companies receiving FastTrack grant assistance have up to five years to create new jobs. This five-year time period may include facility design, construction or other time-intensive activities that may require the hiring process to begin later within that five-year time period. As such, the job fulfillment rate is higher for projects locating in earlier years.

Employment data is evaluated from multiple sources throughout the year, which include internal resources such as the FastTrack job audit survey, existing business visits, and applications for incentives; stakeholders such as chambers of commerce; and third-party databases such as Hoover’s, Dun & Bradstreet and ReferenceUSA.