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TNVCA offers three (3) Academic Paths

        1. High School Diploma (22 credits)
        2. HiSET (GED) Certificate
        3. Return to High School with new/recovered credits

TNVCA education staff works with the parents / guardians to develop the best academic path for each student.  A student can potentially earn 3-6 credits.

TNVCA offers two classes a year with start dates in Jan and July.  Each class is 22 weeks long.

TNVCA is a Cat 1 Non-Public High School (LEA 190 School Code 9723)– credits transfer to/from the county school.

TNVCA can positively impact a county’s graduation rate. The student is taken off the county rolls and put onto the Academy rolls.

The County is not charged nor does it lose any funding by sending a student to TNVCA.

TNVCA is a Voluntary Program, not a Detention Facility.  Youth cannot be court ordered.

TNVCA is not a Military Recruiting Program. Currently, only 5-10% of graduates nationwide enlist in the Military.

TNVCA graduates are 29% more likely to obtain their High School Diploma or HiSET and 86% more likely to attend college.  (Ref: