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The Tennessee Talent Toolkit provides all the resources necessary for an organization to fully develop the talent of their workforce through education. The toolkit is divided into four parts:

1. Pinpoint Needs - In this first step, the toolkit will walk you through the process of evaluating the current state of your organization, identifying potential issues you may be having related to your workforce that can waste time, money, and talent, and beginning the process of meeting these needs.

2. Aligning Employee Opportunities with Your Business Strategy- Many organizations falsely believe that investing in education for employees is just another added cost. In this step, the toolkit outlines how the benefits of employee education can actually reduce costs. Additionally, you will learn about opportunities and strategies to minimize the costs while maximizing the benefits.

3. Find Resources- This step outlines the broad array of resources that will help find the most effective way to finance an education, streamline the time to degree completion for employees, and connect you with local, state and regional resources and information.

4. Taking Action- In this step, you will learn how to evaluate the impact of the previous steps on your bottom line and how to make employee education a continuing and natural part of your organization.