Support in Action

Just a Few of Many Ideas for Helping

Here are some simple ways Tennesseans have made a difference in the life of children and families.

  • Read this fun and inspirational story about a Nashville woman who donated her car to a former foster youth -- a college student -- who needed a car. 
  • The Franklin Elks Lodge #72 cooked full Thanksgiving meals -- pies and all -- that were delivered to 47 foster parent families in the Mid-Cumberland Region. The volunteers and members donated all the food and their time.
  • The DCS Bedford County family visitation room was given a Superhero theme by a dad and son who volunteered to paint it, giving birth families a bright and cheerful place to visit with their children who are in foster care.
  • Cross Point Bellevue opened a Safe Room to offer a place for the time period between when a child has just been removed from his or her home and DCS Staff are in the process of finding a foster care placement for them. Church members say the project has given its volunteers an opportunity to serve children in its community. The church will be opening another Safe Room in Dickson.
  • "Wrap Around has been a blessing to so many families at Church of the City. As we "wrap around" families that have been touched by foster care and/or adoption, I have been amazed to see the strong community being formed among us. We have been blessed to offer workshops and play groups for adoptive families, a catered dinner for foster families, and resource support for adoptive and foster families. We are also hosting PATH training classes for prospective foster families. Perhaps my biggest joy is watching church members love one another by meeting immediate needs - donating resources like car seats, toddler beds and meals. This community is loving hard and loving well." – Carla Hendricks, Wrap Around Coordinator, Church of the City, Franklin.
  • “Launching the Wrap Around ministry at Church of the City has given our church community a way to come around families who are fostering and adopting through tangible, emotional, and spiritual needs. Wrap Around is inspiring church members to serve these families in the most beautiful ways – from chiropractors  offering their services for free and hairdressers helping teach families about hair care for children of different ethnicities to box after box of donated supplies such as children’s clothing, car seats, and strollers. While seemingly small, each of these supports helps lighten the load of a foster family as they transition into caring for a new child

     Furthermore, as a result of Wrap Around, deep relationships are being formed as foster and adoptive families find support from families in their own church.  One foster family who serves several young children needed some help keeping up their large property. The need went out to the Wrap Around support teams, and within hours, we had a family driving 30 minutes with a riding mower to take care of the grass. But the connection didn’t stop there. A relationship was developed, meals were provided, a friendship was formed. A man who once set out to go help with lawn care, now has his entire church Small Group wrapping around this foster family to support them.” -- Kristin Allender, Director of Child Welfare for America's Kids Belong and Founder of Church of the City Wrap Around.

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

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