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A Message from Commissioner Hommrich


DCS Commissioner Bonnie Hommrich

Not a day goes by when I don’t hear from someone in Tennessee who has figured out a new way to help our children.  Great suggestions constantly come across my desk, and as good as these ideas may be, the department doesn’t always have the time and energy it would take to cultivate them, to test them and to carry them out.  And that’s what I like so much about TNFosters: It’s a new way to put great ideas into practice.  Children’s Services is going to be collaborating with a far-reaching network of churches, organizations, businesses and non-profits that are determined to make real, immediate changes in children’s lives.  TNFosters will help us harness many of those same fresh new ideas that people often bring to my office. We will channel them toward making the foster experience kinder, warmer and calmer for all involved.  We've also built in a set of expectations for this effort. We intend to deliver a solid set of results in calendar year 2017:

  • We intend to recruit a minimum of 100 forever homes for the population of children free for adoption who don’t have a family identified.
  • We intend to recruit and license 10 percent more foster homes than the number voluntarily closed in calendar year 2016.
  • We intend to begin recruitment initiatives that result in no less than 5 percent of the churches in a county committing to be a part of this faith-based Initiative.

TNFosters will build on the community work we have done for years. It adds a new level of resources and solutions – all on behalf of the children we are called to serve. It’s innovative. It’s exciting. And we’re thrilled to welcome our new partners.