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The FOCUS Act supports Tennessee’s ambitious education attainment goals by ensuring that our higher education institutions and systems can best support the needs of our students.

The Act provides greater autonomy for universities in pursuit of innovation and differentiation, while allowing the Board of Regents to sharpen its attention on technical and community college success.  At the core of FOCUS is a belief that increasing the number of Tennesseans with a postsecondary credential demands increased agility on the part of the six TBR universities, with an understanding that this nimbler approach must be deployed within the broader context of the State’s higher education policy agenda. 

THEC leadership has met with leadership teams from the systems and universities to identify and plan for implementation of the Act.   In addition to longstanding responsibilities, THEC’s role will be to provide institutions and systems with guidance and professional development. 

Trustee Orientation and Training


For institutions or board members that have questions regarding the FOCUS Act, please contact THEC’s Director of Institution and Board Affairs Lauren Collier at or 615-532-9523.