Advise TN

Advise TN is a college advising and capacity building program developed by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) and the Office of former governor Bill Haslam. Driven by the belief that every student has the potential to attend and thrive in postsecondary education, Advise TN aims to increase the number of Tennesseans accessing higher education by partnering with high schools and providing college advising services to up to 10,000 junior and senior students across Tennessee. 

Advisors will provide services to all juniors and seniors at each participating high school with the intention of helping students enroll in the postsecondary option where they will be most likely to succeed and persist to a degree or credential—be it a four-year university, community college, Tennessee College of Applied Technology, or other form of quality postsecondary education.

Advise TN Partner Schools

The following schools (listed by county) were selected as Advise TN Partner Schools through a competitive proposal process:

County                                           School

Bledsoe                                           Bledsoe County High School

Cheatham                                      Cheatham County Central High School

Davidson                                        Hunters Lane High School

Dickson                                           Dickson County High School

Dyer                                                  Dyer County High School

Fentress                                          Alvin C. York Institute

Franklin                                          Franklin County High School

Gibson                                             Humboldt Junior and Senior High School

Greene                                            Chuckey-Doak High School

Greene                                            North Greene High School

Grundy                                            Grundy County High School

Hancock                                          Hancock High School

Hamilton                                         Brainerd High School

Hickman                                          East Hickman High School

Hickman                                          Hickman County High School

Jefferson                                          Jefferson County High School

Knox                                                  Fulton High School

Knox                                                  Austin East High School

Lake                                                  Lake County High School

Lauderdale                                     Halls High School

Lincoln                                             Lincoln County High School

Loudon                                            Lenoir City High School

Madison                                          Liberty Technology Magnet High School

Monroe                                           Sequoyah High School

Montgomery                                 Kenwood High School

Montgomery                                 Northwest High School

Rutherford                                     LaVergne High School

Shelby                                              Mitchell High School

Shelby                                              Overton High School

Van Buren                                      Van Buren County High School

Warren                                            Warren County High School

Washington                                   David Crockett High School

White                                               White County High School