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VETS Campus Data


Student Veterans:  Includes persons attending institutions online or on campus. Includes persons who are active duty members of the armed services, those who are currently serving in active status in the National Guard or Reserves, and persons who are separated from the military, such as retirees or service members who left the military after a period of active service or reserve training. Does not include dependents.

Institutions that submitted the data represented here use different means of determining the veteran status of their students. Some institutions’ estimates include students who have self-identified as currently or previously serving in the armed forces. Other institutions use the receipt of VA benefits as a means of identifying this population.

Undergraduate: A student enrolled in a bachelor's degree program, an associate degree program, a sub-baccalaureate certificate program, or a vocational or technical program.

Part-time: Undergraduates enrolled in fewer than 12 semester credit hours of study.

Note: THEC complies with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requirements to protect students’ personally identifiable information. Therefore, individual cells or graphs containing five observations or fewer are suppressed. The suppressed information is included in totals when possible.