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Quality Assurance Funding

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission's Quality Assurance Funding (formerly named Performance Funding) program has been in operation for over thirty years. It is nationally recognized as a successful statewide supplemental funding incentive to encourage continuous improvement of programs and services. All public universities and community colleges have been able to earn additional funds (up to 5.45 percent of the institution’s state funding) on the basis of quality improvement as measured by a common set of indicators.

The incentive has encouraged institutions to build comprehensive evaluation systems whereby they can reliably measure student learning. The Performance Funding Program serves as an accountability instrument for each five-year Master Plan and tracks measures the Commission is statutorily required to report annually to the Tennessee General Assembly. For the 2015-20 cycle, institutions will focus on two quality standards: Quality of Student Learning and Quality of Student Support and Success. 

Quality Assurance Funding at a Glance (PDF)