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Under this section you will find links to

Acronyms & Glossary – Those pesky abbreviations we use and definitions of terms used in the EHR Incentive Program

Contact Us – How to reach us or CMS if you have a question

FAQS – We try to address the most common and troublesome questions providers asked

How to Update Your Practice Address – Instructions for reviewing and updating your practice location(s) in the TennCare and CMS systems to avoid a return of your EHR attestation due to an address mismatch.

PowerPoint Presentations – Currently, only Eligible Professionals (EPs) who are returning to attest to Meaningful Use are eligible to attest in the PIPP Portal. There is an Introductory Presentation, followed by four PowerPoint Presentations to take you step-by-step through the Eligibility Screens to determine your eligibility to continue participation in the EHR Incentive Program.  Additionally, there are PowerPoint Presentations (to be available soon) to assist you in completing the Meaningful Use portion of the attestation process.