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Program Year 2020

[Note: This page was prepared in December 2019. CMS may make changes in the future.
Continue to review this page for the latest information.]

There are some big changes in Program Year (PY) 2020, so please read carefully.

Early Submission of Attestations: In the Medicare PFS Rule finalized in the Federal Register published November 15, 2019, CMS made provisions for an early PY 2020 submission period IF you are ready. By being ready, you must have 90-consecutive days of MU data and eCQMs to submit. Even more important, you must have completed your Security Risk Analysis for 2020. CMS will allow the submission of an SRA done earlier in the year as long as it has not been used for a previous attestation.

Submission Period: Submission of PY 2020 attestations will begin November 1, 2020 and continue through March 31, 2021 at 11:59 P.M. Central Time. Submissions received after this date and time shall be returned as submitted untimely.


  • Use a 2015 Edition of CEHRT (either an upgrade or new purchase/lease)
    • Submit documentation as described on the EHR Questions attestation page to prove that you have a 2015 Edition CEHRT
  • Make sure that your practice sites listed on your attestation MATCH EXACTLY with the addresses we have in your TennCare Provider Registration profile.
  • Attest to Stage 3 Meaningful Use Criteria and eCQMs
  • If your attestation is returned for correction, the return letter will include a date for you to resubmit your attestation to us. If you miss that date, you risk denial of your attestation.
    • We first review the eligibility section of your attestation, including your Patient Volume. If problems are found, we return your attestation for correction AND resubmission.
    • It is only after you pass this section is the Meaningful Use section of your attestation reviewed. Any problems found in this section are returned for correction AND resubmission.
    • It is then and only then that the final steps can be taken to generate your EHR Incentive Payment.

THE TennCare EHR Provider Incentive Payment Program mailbox is now for ALL questions or concerns.
Please use only this mailbox to reach out to us.