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Tennessee State Public Health Registries

EPs must prepare in advance in order to successfully attest to the Public Health Objective. This document will assist the EP with steps to prepare, contact Tennessee Department of Health (TDH), and maintain communication with TDH regarding Meaningful Use (MU) requirements for the Public Health objective. TDH has multiple resources at:

For all other MU information, please visit  the TennCare EHR program webpages at

If you choose or plan to choose Active Engagement Option 1: Completed Registration to Submit Data for any of the measures, the registration must be completed no later than “60 days after the start of the EHR reporting period” according to the CMS Objective specifications.

The Immunization Registry

The Immunization Registry is in the Tennessee Immunization Information System (TennIIS). Using the website or manually entering immunization information on the TennIIS website does not qualify as exchanging data with the Immunization Registry. You must complete registration at the Trading Partner Registration site and begin the onboarding process to electronically exchange data bi-directionally.

Tips to begin exchanging data with the Immunization Registry:

Maintaining an ongoing dialog with the staff at TDH Immunization Registry is essential to moving towards actively exchanging data bi-directionally, a requirement if you administer any
immunizations and do not meet the Public Health Objective with two other registries.
Contact TDH at

  1. Complete registration at the Trading Partner Registration site:
  2. Sign up for online training opportunities on how to use the Trading Partner Registration site.
  3.  Use TDH resources located on the TPR site: Trading Partner Registration Worksheet and Trading Partner Registration User Guide.
  4. Follow through with the next steps when TDH contacts you.
  5. An email is sent to notify the EP of each accomplished milestone. Print and maintain these emails in your records as proof of your active engagement status.
  6. Update email addresses so TDH staff has contact information for the appropriate staff in your office and EHR vendor’s office to continue the onboarding process. If they cannot contact the appropriate person, your active engagement status could be at risk.
  7. Go to the TennIIS website:, under the section “Electronic Data Exchange and Meaningful Use/MIPS Registration” you will find various resources to help facilitate the process.

The Cancer Registry (Public Health Registry)

Syndromic Surveillance Reporting

  • EPs are not eligible to submit syndromic surveillance data in Tennessee. Public Health and Clinical Data Registry Reporting Objective 8 measure 2 Syndromic Surveillance Reporting Exclusion 3 applies to all EPs.
  • Per TDH website: “TDH is currently accepting syndromic surveillance data from Eligible Hospitals (EHs) with an emergency department only.” Questions can be addressed to