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Eligible Professionals CQMs

Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) are tools that help measure and track the quality of health care services that Eligible Professionals (EPs) provide. Measuring and reporting CQMs helps to ensure that our health care system is delivering effective, safe, efficient, patient-centered, equitable, and timely care. To participate in the EHR Provider Incentive Payment Program, health care providers are required to submit eCQM data from certified Electronic Health Record technology (CEHRT) via the attestation process.

For Stage 3, there are 50 CQMs available in Program Year (PY) 2019. All participating EPs are required to report 6 CQMs relevant to their scope of practice. In addition, Medicaid EPs are required to report at least one outcome or high-priority measure.  If there are no outcome or high priority measures relevant to an EP’s scope of practice, EP may report any six relevant measures. First time MU attesters may use a 90-day CQM reporting period and all others must use a full calendar year. The steps to selecting outcome and high priority CQMs are as follows:

First, choose from 6 outcome measures:

Second, choose from 27 high priority measures:

*Also outcome measures

Last, choose measures relevant to your scope of practice from measures remaining.

Measures relevant to your scope of practice will not have zero denominators.

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