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Eligible Professionals (EPs): Stage 3 Updates

Meaningful Use (MU) Updates from the PFS Final Rule:

Time Frames:

  • For Program Year 2020, the reporting period will be 90 days for MU and a full year for eCQMs.
  • For Program Year 2021, the reporting period will be 90 days for MU and eCQMs. EPs will be attesting to both Program Year 2020 and Program Year 2021 in Calendar Year 2021 if the EP is eligible for both. Attestation submission periods will be announced in Calendar Year 2020.
  • All incentive payments must be paid by December 31, 2021. To accomplish this, cutoff dates will obviously be earlier to allow all processing and strictly adhered to.

MU Measures:

  • There is a total of 8 objectives for EPs, each of which would have one or more associated measures. 
  • Stage 3 Coordination of Care thresholds for Measure 1, View, Download, & Transmit is 5% and Measure 2, Secure Messaging is 5%.
  • The requirement for Stage 3 Immunization Registry is to be doing bi-directional exchange or moving towards bi-directional exchange with the Immunization Registry. You must have documentation to confirm EP’s bi-directional status with the Immunization Registry. For questions related to bi-directional exchange, contact
  • There are 50 eCQMs aligned with MIPS for Program Year 2019.
  • For Program Year 2019, EPs must attest to at least one eCQM Outcome Measure or one High Priority Measure if no Outcome Measure is available or relevant. EPs will continue to report 6 eCQMs related to the EPs scope of practice.
  • For Program Year 2019, EPs who are returning meaningful users must report on a one-year eCQM reporting period and first-time meaningful users may report on a 90-day eCQM reporting period.