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Most Common Problems Seen

  • The provider did not enter the CMS Certification Number of their certified EHR system/module when registering at CMS. This can be found on the CHPL web site, or your vendor should be able to help you with this. (Note: CHPL no longer supports Interne Explorer.)
  • When starting the enrollment process in the PIPP portal, enter
    • The Registration number given you when you enrolled at the CMS Promoting Interoperability Programs Registration System web site
    • The individual EP’s (or EH’s) NPI – not the NPI of the group practice or clinic.
    • NPI Tax ID Number – for EPs, this is the Social Security Number you entered when registering at CMS, NOT your TIN or EIN
  • Failing to respond to the activation email by not “clicking here” in the body of the message. This may be related to the security settings on your computer. If the email link fails to work, copy and paste this URL in your browser: If you fail to receive the activation email within 24 – 48 hours of establishing your User Account, contact TennCare at
  • Some providers have complained that they cannot see the entire page, and/or they are not able to scroll through the whole page. This relates to the settings on your computer. The easiest fix is to reduce your Zoom setting.
  • If we return your attestation for either of the following two problems, you will need to go to TennCare Provider Registration, and follow the instructions given on this web site.
  • If you are having your EHR incentive payment made to a group, you and the group must be “linked” in TennCare’s Provider Enrollment files. Additionally, this is important if you are attesting as a group, using the group patient volume encounters data instead of your encounters as an individual. If you are unsure if you are connected to your group, please call 1-800-852-2683 x 4 and ask the operator to check.
  • You may get a return notice stating that you do not have an internal accounting number. Providers never know that they have this number, and most providers already have one. The reason why most providers already have this number is that they receive Medicare/Medicaid crossover payments, which are made directly by the Division of TennCare, not the MCOs. Providers normally not having the internal accounting number are dentists, pediatricians, and OB-GYNs. To make your EHR Incentive Payment, we must have an internal accounting number assigned to you. We will help get this number for you. You can email for assistance in obtaining this internal accounting number.