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Attestation Start

Once you have activated your User Account, you are ready to begin the attestation process.

The information presented here can be found in more detail by going to the “Help/User Manual” link found on the left side of each PIPP portal page.

  • Select "Log in" in the upper left of the page
  • Enter your User Name and password; select the "Log In" button
  • Select "Apply for Incentive (Attest)" on the left side of the page

You are now at the “Provider Attestation Home Page.” As you complete each step of the attestation process, you will be returned to this page. You will see some of the information you submitted during your CMS registration. Go to the section of the page “Provider EHR Criteria.”


Each year you attest, there are four pages to be completed. Updated
information is required each year.

When attesting for Meaningful Use, two additional pages will appear.

  • Provider Questions
  • EHR Questions
  • Required Forms
  • Patient Volume Questions
  • Meaningful Use Questions
  • Meaningful Use Clinical Quality Measures



To complete each page, select “Attest” on the left of each line. When you complete the page, click “OK” at the bottom. This will return you to the home page. On the Provider Questions, EHR Questions, and Patient Volume Questions pages, if you leave the page before selecting “OK”, what you have entered will be lost and you will have to start that page again. When attesting to Meaningful Use, you can leave those pages without losing information already entered when you select “Save & Exit.”

Once you have completed all appropriate pages, a “Submit for Review” button will appear. Following that, another box will appear, asking you to agree or disagree with the statements in the box. This is actually the same information as the Signature Page that you printed, signed, and then uploaded to your attestation. If you disagree, your attestation will not be submitted.

When you agree, your attestation will be submitted to TennCare, and a pop-up will appear telling you that you are done, and can now log out (upper left side of the page). You will be given the opportunity to down load your MU responses prior to submission. Once submitted, you cannot change your information unless we find a problem and return the attestation to you. When your attestation is returned for correction, a “Return by” date will be included in the letter. To avoid a potential denial, please return your corrected attestation by that date. If you have questions, you can to the Resources link to the left and select “Contact Us.”

You are required to complete and submit the first four pages each year in which you attest. You must submit your EHR documentation each year (appropriate to your EHR System). Review the documentation requirements presented on the EHR Questions page of the attestation. 

Your Signature Page must be the current Signature Page, and must be dated within 90 days of the submission of your attestation EACH year.

If you are required to submit the Physician Assistant’s Page, this must also be signed within 90 days of the submission of the submission of your attestation.