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Additional Information

Occasionally we direct providers to return to the CMS Promoting Interoperability Programs Registration System (formerly known as the CMS Registration & Attestation System) web site. These are some of the reasons to return to this web site.

  • The wrong NPIs were entered as either the individual’s NPI or the Payee NPI.
  • A need to change the Payee NPI. (Joined/changed groups; entered solo practice)
  • Failure to enter the CMS Certification Number of your certified EHR system/module (s).
  • A need to change the email address entered. (All TennCare correspondence is sent to this address.)
  • You have changed to a different certified EHR system, and need to change the CMS Certification number.
  • Sometimes providers return to the web site just to check the information they previously submitted.

When you go back to CMS for ANY reason, you must do the following, even if you are only looking at what you previously submitted.

  • Go to the CMS Promoting Interoperability Programs Registration System web site
  • Enter the CMS Registration Number you were originally given when registering
  • Click on "Modify" On EACH page, click "Save & Continue"
  • On the appropriate page(s), make the change needed (if changes are needed)
  • On the last page, click "Submit" This will save your information and cause CMS to re-send your information back to us for processing.

TennCare cannot change any of the information (including the email address) received from CMS. Only the provider can do this.

  • If your attestation is returned by TennCare due to a problem:
  • You need to open each page and click "OK"
  • Correct the error(s) for which your attestation was returned, including adding documentation (If you have a question about the return reason, immediately email TennCare.EHRIncentive@tn,gov for assistance.)
  • Click "Submit for Review"

If at any time you go to the PIPP portal and your status is “Eligible Professional Attestation Pending Review”, this means you have not completed the steps above. “Attestation Pending” means that you have started, and/or completed, attesting, but you have failed to submit your attestation to TennCare. Until you submit your attestation, there is nothing TennCare can do to process it.

"When will I get paid?" This is perhaps our number 1 question. TennCare will normally make an EHR Incentive Payment to a successful attesting provider within 30 – 45 days after the receipt of a complete and correct attestation. That is, if you submit an attestation and we have to return it due to an error(s), the count starts over at day 1 when you correct and re-submit your attestation.

Please understand that our review process involves some external agencies over which we have no control. Sometimes the processes of these external agencies may cause a delay to our review and payment process, and payment may take a little longer. EHR Incentive Payments are made electronically (hence the need for you to be set up to receive electronic payments) and are made weekly on Fridays. The incentive payment will appear on your Remittance Advice (RA).