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Attestation & Payment Years

Eligible Professionals (EPs)

  • The opportunity to attest to Payment (Program) Year 1 ended April 2017.
  • In the beginning, CMS had a definite schedule for attestations and what level of Meaningful Use (MU) was to be attested to each year. Over time, this scheduled has been altered. To determine the appropriate time frame to be attested to each year (90 days or 365 days), please go to the Meaningful Use Overview page for more information.
  • Patient Volume (PV) data (for both TennCare/Medicaid Encounters and Total Encounters) must come from a consecutive 90-day period from the calendar year prior to the Program Year for which you are attesting. For example, if you are attesting for Program Year 2020, your PV must come from 2019. When attesting for Program Year 2021, your PV must come from 2020. The PV time period and the MU attestation period do not come from the same year.
  • The EP EHR Incentive Payment amount for Payment Years 2 – 6 is $8,500 for providers (including pediatricians) who meet the 30% or greater Medicaid PV requirement.
  • Pediatricians whose PV is between 20% and 29% will earn an EHR Incentive Payment of $5,667. If you think your Medicaid PV is 30% or more, you must attest to that PV amount. We evaluate your attestation based on the PV to which you attest.

Total EHR Incentive Payments

  • EPs who have Medicaid encounters of 30% or greater during the six-year EHR Incentive Period will earn a total of $63,750.
  • Pediatricians having Medicaid encounters in the 20% - 29% range during each year of the six-year EHR Incentive period will earn a total of $42,000.  
  • Pediatricians are in a different situation than other EPs in the EHR Provider Incentive Payment Program. The EHR Incentive Payment amount for a pediatrician can change from year-to-year, thus affecting the total EHR Incentive amount received, depending on the percentage amount to which they are attesting. If a pediatrician attests to a Medicaid Patient Volume of 30% or more, then that pediatrician would be eligible for the full EHR Incentive amount. However, if the pediatrician attests to a Medicaid Patient volume of 20% - 29%, this pediatrician would be eligible for the reduced EHR Incentive amount. The determination of the incentive payment for which you are eligible is subject to the information you submit. If you submit Medicaid Patient Volume in the 20% - 29% range when your actual Medicaid Patent Volume is actually 45% (for example), you will still only received the reduced EHR Incentive amount, as that is level to which you attested.
  • These EHR Incentive Amounts are set by statute and partial payments are not made.

Eligible Hospitals (EHs)​

  • The TennCare EHR Incentive Program for Eligible Hospitals has closed. This includes Acute Care hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals (CAH), and Children’s Hospitals. CMS, however, still requires dual Medicare/Medicaid hospitals to continue to report MU data through the Medicare system.