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Centers of Excellence

Promoting change through evidence-informed services, training, and policy

Centers of Excellence are tertiary care academic medical centers, provider agencies, and partners possessing expertise in children's physical and behavioral health. They are focused on improving comprehensive well-being of children in or at risk of state custody. Centers of Excellence assist in providing science-based guidance to improve children's health, behavioral outcomes, and improve systems serving children by providing clinical consultations, evaluations, and limited direct services to children with complex needs. There are five locations across the state to serve children in or at risk of state custody.

For additional information, please contact the Center of Excellence in your area.

Centers of Excellence(COEs) Toll-free Phone Number  
Vanderbilt University Nashville 1-866-263-8263  
University of Tennessee Memphis Boling Center 1-866-448-3420  
East Tennessee State University Johnson City 1-877-746-6263  
University of Tennessee CHS Knoxville 1-844-648-3889
Southeast Center of Excellence 1-877-730-5614