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TennCare Information About Coronavirus

Signing up for the program

There is a limited amount of funding to serve people each year. This means that not everyone who wants to apply can enroll or get services right away.

There is a referral list for Employment and Community First CHOICES. To get on the referral list, you can complete a self-referral. Filling out the self–referral for Employment and Community First CHOICES does not mean you will be enrolled in the new program. You must qualify to enroll in the program. There must be room in the new program to enroll you. AND, you must be in one of the groups that may qualify to get services now  .

To self-refer to the new program, please complete the Self-Referral Form. Be sure your web browser (used to access information on the web or internet) is Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, or 10, Google Chrome or Firefox. Below you can find TennCare’s Privacy Policies.

Privacy Policies

Do you need help to complete the self-referral?

We can help you fill out the form. OR, we can fill out the form for you with the facts you give us.

If you have TennCare and your health plan is Amerigroup, BlueCare or United Health Care Community Plan, you can call them for free. Tell them you need help with a self-referral for Employment and Community First CHOICES. The number is on your TennCare card. The toll-free numbers are also listed below:​

Amerigroup 866-840-4991

BlueCare 888-747-8955

United Health Care Community Plan 800-690-1606

What if you’re not on TennCare?  You can call your Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Regional Office for free. Tell them you need help with a self-referral for Employment and Community First CHOICES. Their toll-free numbers are listed below.

West Tennessee Regional Office (866) 372-5709

Middle Tennessee Regional Office (800) 654-4839

East Tennessee Regional Office (888) 531-9876 

LTSS Help Desk: 1-877-224-0219