Phase IV: Transition

For the final phase of renewals, TennCare will work to make sure that all eligible TennCare members maintain coverage while meeting all state and federal laws, rules, and regulations. TennCare will electronically transfer data to the federal Health Insurance Marketplace automatically for individuals determined ineligible for TennCare, where other health care coverage is available.

If an individual is determined ineligible for TennCare, other health care options are available to them. Other health care options are available through the federal Health Insurance Marketplace. Visit or call them at 1-800-318-2596.

TennCare strives to keep all eligible members covered. In order to minimize a coverage gap, members need to open all mail and respond to any mail from TennCare. If a member fails to respond, TennCare will make multiple efforts to reach a non-responsive member, including:

  • Working with health plans to reach individuals via email, phone, or text messages.
  • Identifying at-risk populations and having the Tennessee Community Services Agency (TNCSA) complete personal phone calls and offer assistance in completing the renewal process.

If an individual believes their TennCare coverage was denied in error, they are entitled to an eligibility appeal. For information on filing an eligibility appeal visit: