Phase III: Renew

Timeline: First Month of Renewals

As TennCare enters Phase III of the unwinding, members will begin to get letters in the mail or electronically depending on the account preferences. As federally required, Tennessee plans on completing all renewals within a 12-month period and will begin each monthly cycle with an attempt to auto-renew members using existing data sources, including SNAP eligibility. Those who can be auto-renewed will not be required to submit a renewal form and will receive a notification in the mail or electronically that they have been auto-renewed.


Tennessee plans to implement a hybrid approach to renewals that will include both time-based and population-based approaches. Tennessee will prioritize renewals based on their existing renewal dates, whether those have been extended during the PHE or the member was initially approved one year ago. TennCare will also implement a population-based approach, prioritizing redetermination for members have not been renewed or had an update on their case since the eligibility system went live in early 2019.

Additional Resources:

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