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Local EM Training Requirements

As directed by T.C.A. 58-2-133, TEMA has established the following minimum training qualifications for local emergency management directors.

Under recent changes to State Law (TCA 58-2-133), the State has established specific criteria for local emergency managers to include qualifications, duties and responsibilities and minimum
training requirements.  TEMA has taken these requirements along with existing guidance for local emergency managers and developed the following minimum training requirements for an individual appointed as a
local emergency manager:

TEMA Training

TEMA Hazardous Materials Operations Level *
TEMA Damage Assessment Workshop
G-191 - ICS/EOC Interface Operations
G-300 – ICS 300 Intermediate ICS
G-400 – ICS 400 Advanced ICS

FEMA Independent Study (IS) Courses

IS 100 – Incident Command System (ICS)
IS 200 – ICS for Single Resources
IS 700 – National Incident Management System
IS 701 – Multi-Agency Coordination System
IS 800 – National Response Framework

IS 2200 - Basic Emergency Operations Center

IS 2900 - Recovery Operations

FEMA Professional Development Series (Independent Studies)

IS 120 – An Introduction to Exercises
IS 230 – Fundamentals of Emergency Management
IS 235 – Emergency Management Planning
IS 240 – Leadership and Influence
IS 241 – Decision Making & Problem Solving
IS 242 – Effective Communication
IS 244 – Developing & Managing Volunteers

*Substitution accepted for previously accomplished TEMA Ops Level training (either accepted):
-Initial Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents: Basic Concepts (BC) and Concept Implementation (CI)
-Certification as TEMA Hazmat Technician