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ReadyTN: Mobile Preparedness App FAQ

What about availability other mobile devices?
There are no plans to make the app available on RIM (Blackberry) or Windows OS devices at this time.

Does ReadyTN provide push notifications?
At this time, ReadyTN does not provide push notifications. The app is designed to provide secondary or supplemental information, not to deliver immediate life-safety warnings.

Can I have ReadyTN wake me up with an alarm during severe weather or tornado warnings?
No. That is a job for a properly programmed NOAA weather alert radio. You must open the application in order to use its features and receive information on any current alerts.

Why can’t I select the Alert, Emergency or Recover buttons at the bottom of the home screen on my Android device?
Those buttons conditional and are not clickable unless certain circumstances exist. The buttons remain grayed out until activated. There is a visual change to a button when it is enabled.

What do the Alert, Emergency or Recover buttons do?
If there is an active weather alert for your location, the yellow Alert button takes you to the NWS weather warning screen. If a state of emergency exists because the Governor has declared an emergency or TEMA is responding to an emergency, the red Emergency button takes you to TEMA’s information about the current emergency. If a Presidential Disaster has been declared with Individual Assistance for citizens, the yellow Recover button will take you to FEMA’s mobile site to begin the registration process for federal assistance.

Does ReadyTN allow me to set a default location?
No, Ready TN uses your smartphone’s location services to send information about weather, road conditions, local contacts and other items.  You must enable location services on your smartphone in order to receive Ready-TN’s location-based information.

Is ReadyTN storing or tracking my information?
No, Ready TN uses your location when you have location services enabled on your smartphone.  The location information is used for distance calculations and to filter the weather-related warnings for your current location. Ready TN does not track your location nor does it store any information from your smartphone.

What functions will the ReadyTN app have if cellular and data networks are down?
The App relies on data service to provide situational information. The preparedness and planning checklists information and local contacts will be available even without an active data connection. At times of outages from these sources, the Ready TN application will indicate when data is unavailable.

Who should I contact when I believe it is an emergency?
In an emergency, you should always contact 9-1-1 directly by telephone. ReadyTN provides information to the public; it is not a substitute for contacting 9-1-1 directly. Using social media or methods other than dialing 9-1-1 may result in delays or, even unawareness, of your distress by local emergency officials.

How reliable is the information on ReadyTN?
The information presented on the app is direct from publicly available data sources of the Tennessee Department of Transportation, the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, the American Red Cross and the National Weather Service. These sources are maintained and managed to be consistently reliable for credible information. The state provides no guarantees that information outside our control will be accurate, reliable or current.

If ReadyTN is unavailable or an information source is down, who should I contact?
Please contact the provider of that data directly.

For questions about or technical issues with the ReadyTN app, please contact: TEMA Public Information at 3041 Sidco Drive, Nashville TN 37204,, or 615-741-0482.

Additional contacts information for data source providers: TDOT –; National Weather Service -; American Red Cross -

ReadyTN appears to freeze when loading, has it crashed?
No. Depending on the speed of your data connection or size of the information list being generated; the user may experience a brief wait time while the data is loaded and distances are calculated. If the data source is unavailable, Ready TN automatically stops the download attempt and returns control of the device to the user.