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L0950: NIMS All-Hazards Incident Commander

October 5, 2020 - October 9, 2020


October 5, 2020 - October 9, 2020

8:00 am to 5:00 am CDT


Tennessee Emergency Management Agency Suiter Room 3041 Sidco Dr. Nashville, TN 37204


L0950: NIMS ICS All-Hazards Incident Commander

Course Description

This course provides local- and state-level emergency responders with a robust understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and capabilities of an effective Incident Commander (IC) on an All-Hazards Incident Management Team (AHIMT). These responsibilities fall into two categories: 1) responding to the incident and command needs of the incident, and 2) effectively fulfilling the position responsibilities of an IC on an All-Hazards ICS IMT. Exercises, simulations, discussions, and a final exam enable participants to process and apply their new knowledge.

Selection Criteria: NIMS ICS All-Hazards training should be completed by personnel who are regularly assigned to Functional, Support, or Unit Leader positions on Type 3 or 4 AHIMTs, or by those persons who desire to seek credentials/certification in those positions.

ACE: Level: Upper Division

ACE: Credit Hours: 2

Course Objectives

Demonstrate, through exercises and a final exam, an understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and capabilities of an effective Incident Commander.

Mission Areas

  • Respond
  • Recover
  • Mitigation


IS 100: Incident Command System (ICS), An Introduction
IS 200: ICS for Single Resource and Initial Action Incidents
E/L/G 300: Intermediate Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents (ICS 300)
E/L/G 400: Advanced Incident Command System for Command and General Staff - Complex Incidents (ICS 400)
IS 700: National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction
IS 800: National Response Framework (NRF)

Recommended: O-305 Type 3 AHIMT Training course (delivered by USFA)


  • Emergency Management