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Railroad Project Bids

Location Type of Work Contact Info Posted Date Bid Closing Date
Advertisement Bid Sheet
TennKen Railroad Rail Spur Construction Crouch Engineering 4/1/2020 4/30/2020 TKRA Helena Spur Bid Ad TKRA Helena Spur Bid Sheet
Lhoist Railroad Track Rehabilitation Crouch Engineering 3/19/2020 4/23/2020 CCRA Track Project Documents  
Lhoist Railroad Bridge Rehabilitation Crouch Engineering 3/17/2020 5/12/2020 CCRA Bridge Project Documents  
East Tennessee Railway Track Rehabilitation Crouch Engineering 3/17/2020 4/14/2020 ETRA Track Project Bid Ad ETRA Track Project Bid Sheet
KWT Railway, McKenzie, TN
Transload Track Crouch Engineering 3/10/2020 4/02/2020 KWT Transload Track Bid  Ad KWT Transload Facility Bid Sheet
West Tennessee Railroad
Road Signals CSR Engineering. 1116 Main Street, Pleasant View, TN. 615-212-2389 3/11/2020 4/02/2020 WNTRR Old Dyersburg Road Signal Project  
Location Type of Work Contact Posted-Bid Opening Winning Contractor Bid Amount
KWT Railway Timber & Surfacing Crouch Engineering
01/27/2020 Bullock Construction, Inc. $1,448,860.00
Dickson, TN Construction Material - Track Spikes
Jay Harris - (615) 791-0630 11/8/19 A&K Railroad Materials $8,573.31

A template for advertising construction bids can be found here